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Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte - Journal of Business History

The ZUG is published by C.H. Beck. It is edited by Raymond Stokes (editor in charge), Werner Plumpe and Jakob Tanner (reviews editor). Co-editors are: Hartmut Berghoff, Lothar Gall, Carl-Ludwig Holtfrerich and Thomas Welskopp.

The ZUG / Journal of Business History is now ranked in Cat. INT1 of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH). The ERIH lists scholarly journals in the European languages of high quality and importance to their research field. This ranking attests ZUG high international visibility and world-wide citation.

Contributions – either in German or English - can be handed in to the editorial staff. Authors are requested to follow the style sheet. Titles for review can be requested from the GUG-office. Topics and authors of ZUG-articles can be researched online.

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ZUG Nr. 1 (2015), 60. Jahrgang


Christian Marx, Der zerplatzte Traum vom industriellen Atomzeitalter. Der misslungene Einstieg westdeutscher Chemiekonzerne in die Kernenergie während der 1960er und 70er Jahre (S. 3-28)

C. Edoardo Altamura, A New Dawn for European Banking: The Euromarket, the Oil Crisis and the Rise of International Banking (S. 29-51)

Robrecht Declercq, Transnational Entrepreneurs? German Entrepreneurs in the Belgian Fur Industry (1880 to 1913) (S. 52-74)

Martijn Lak, «The Rhine in Ruins». The consequences of World War II for the Rhine shipping between the Netherlands and Germany, 1945 to 1957 (S. 75-96)
Source: Bertelsmann AG, Corporate Archive.

Source: Bertelsmann AG, Corporate Archive.

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