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Promotion of Research in Business History

The Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte e.V. (GUG) is an internationally recognized scientific institution for the promotion of research in business history. It is represented in the council of the European Business History Association (EBHA) and an affiliated member of the International Economic History Association (IEHA).

Institution for the promotion of scientific interchange: The GUG provides a forum of scientific interchange for all interested academics. For this purpose, as an example, it organizes lecture events, symposia and research groups.

Mediator between science and practice: Research in business history is a process of attaining new insights, which lives by the participation and support of a broad spectrum of companies and business historians. Therefore, the GUG sees itself as a network for the promotion of the dialogue between companies and academics. With this network, companies are able to introduce issues arising from their business into the scientific discussion.

Partner of companies: The GUG assists companies in all questions involving the presentation of their history. It offers support for establishing company archives and the documentation and publication of corporate histories.

New Publications

Hartmut Berghoff/Jürgen Kocka/Dieter Ziegler (eds.), Business in the Age of Extremes. Essays in Modern German and Austrian Economic History (Publications of the German Historical Institute), Cambridge University Press 2013, 264 pp., £ 48.00

This collection of essays explores the impact that nationalism, capitalism and socialism had on economics during the first half of the twentieth century. Focusing on Central Europe, contributors examine the role that businesspeople and enterprises played in Germany's and Austria's paths to the catastrophe of Nazism. Based on new archival research, the essays gathered here ask how the business community became involved in the political process and describes the consequences arising from that involvement. Particular attention is given to the responses of individual businesspeople to changing political circumstances and their efforts to balance the demands of their consciences with the pursuit for profit.
The book is dedicated to the historian Gerald D. Feldman, who pioneered historical research into German business of the first half of the twentieth century.
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Hartmut Berghoff/Jürgen Kocka/Dieter Ziegler (Hrsg.), Wirtschaft im Zeitalter der Extreme. Beiträge zur Unternehmensgeschichte Österreichs und Deutschlands. Im Gedenken an Gerald D. Feldmann Schriftenreihe zur Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte, Bd. 20) , Verlag C.H. Beck, München 2010.
Laboratory staff in the 30s 
Source: Bayer Business Services (BBS)

Laboratory staff in the 30s
Source: Bayer Business Services (BBS)

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